The last and final location in Kojo Oku near Nyanyano March 2013

The last and final location in Nyanyano March 2013 In the year that we rented the Chief’s space in Official Town, I asked for a financial contribution from a few sponsors. This was the first time that I received a respons and we received a donation from the Rabo Share 4 more of 5000 euros with some more small donations. All in all, I saw the possibility to find a definitive place for the workshop now. This did indeed succeed an area in Nyanyano. It was a small piece of land with an unfinished building.


The Chief of Nyanyano

The sponsor contributions did not cover everything, but at least in half a year we were able to renovate
half of the building and made a workshop where the training could be given to at least 10 trainees ….

The Chief wilde het ook proberen……                De les                               De workshop

At the end of November 2013, Daniel started with 2 trainees, but within six months there were 5. In 4 years time constantly trainees were added. In 2017, there were 18 in total. This number is absolutely not appropriate in the current workshop, so we decided last year that a building should be added. In the 4 years time 4 trainees have passed their exam and this year there are two who will end the training with an exam !! Daniel is doing great as a teacher, manager and tailor! He knows how to make the training so fun that the trainees are a close-knit group with lots of fun!

The groupe of trainees with the different uniforms…..

At the 10th anniversary of the NGO Uhuru4all, celebrated last year, the oldest trainees have shown in a fashion show what they have learned in two years. Inspiring models were present, true fashion designers (the videos of the 10-year celebration and the fashion show can be found on You Tube)

The reason why the training could continue to exist is due to an assignment from the Basic Care Foundation (click on the Basic Care logo below and you can read all about this Foundation) we have received since 2008. We started with a small amount. With this amount  clothing had to be made for the Christmas celebration in Tamale, organized by Dr David Abdulai. This celebration is held for the poorest in Tamale. Clothing and food is distributed. This is an annual celebration!

Now we get an assignment every year to work on for 8 months with a variety of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing so that the trainees can get a good education in making all kinds of clothes.