Official documents

In 2017 the website of the NGO was hacked and totally vanished of the Internet. In Jan 2018 a new website was made but a lot of  information was gone.

Official Dutch and Ghanaian documents:

–     Statuten Stichting

–     Documents of the registration of the NGO Uhuru4all in Ghana

–    Accreditation for Daniel Anabire Ayamga awarded by the  National Vocational Trainings Institute:

–     Financial documents from 2012:

Uhuru Financieel rapport 2012- 20130727

Annual report 2013_Financial report 2013

Report Activities_Financial_2014-2020

– 2009_BASICCARE calculation

– 2010_Basiccarekleding20101205

– 2010_Sly 20100929

2010_Sly 20101201

– 2011_Basiccarekleding20101205

2011_Calculation Basic Care WG 20111112

2011_Calculation Basic Care WS 20111112

2012_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 20111112

2013_Calculation Dr David Basic Care mei 2013


2015_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 09 Febr 2015

2015_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 07 maart 2015

2016_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 09 mei 2016

– 2017_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 18032017

2018_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 03-02-2018

2019_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 06-03-2019

2020_Calculation Dr David Basic Care 03-03-2020